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The Sensual Rite

What is a Sensual Rite? Glad you asked. A Sensual Rite is a ritual performed by a goddess for the purpose of activating sensuality and awakening ones sensual self.

Covid has hit us all pretty hard and one thing I have noticed while out and about is this invisible shield many of us have created likely to keep us all safe from whatever our minds can imagine. For example, I am in the grocery store and me being a HSP or highly sensitive person I can't have my sensitivity getting overwhelmed with the influx of smells, sights, and energies. So I put up an invisible shield that helps me function while I am moving me and my groceries from isle to isle. You could also call this a guard and I think we all have experienced it at some point. Well I have noticed that our guards have gotten a lot thicker and much more effective and for many I have noticed guards up when they should probably be down or if I compare to pre-covid they might not have been up at all.

I have also noticed a great deal of hostility, frustration and down right mean attitudes going on in the world around me and it is completely apparent to me why this is happening. A lack of love and connection with one another is defiantly taken it's toll on us and that is where I come in.

In my everyday life I don't go around telling people I am a sensual goddess....Uhhh, No.

I more often call myself a natural born witch, or if I am feeling a little more subtle a healer. I have always been sure of a few things about myself that make me special, at least in my mind. I am defiantly not like everyone else. This has always been obvious to me but has not always been something I have loved about myself. I did't always want to stick out and be different but after years and years of having an incredibly miserable time trying to fit in I decided to accept that I was just too different to get away with it. I made a choice to learn more about what made me different and now I have added to that goal to include how I can make my abnormality be a super power and how can I use that super power to make the world more of a place I want to live in. As apposed to just settling for it as the way it is. Becoming a Goddess was a result of the work that was done during my soul searching journey. Another thing I learned is that I am not ashamed at all for who I am now no matter how imperfect I am nor will I ever be ashamed for anything I do and say and this particularly pertains to my sexuality and my love of exploring my sexual and sensual self and wether or not that includes my sexuality which I have shared with others in exchange for money. I am so excited to dive into my thoughts on this but it is past my bedtime so I am going to wrap this up for now. Perhaps this will continue in the form of a podcast because it seems that might be a more efficient way to share my thoughts with you

But until then....Lots of love to you friends.

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Michael King
Michael King
21 de jun. de 2022

Good for you. We all (I believe) have our awkward moments and things about us that we wish were "better". Self-acceptance is not an easy thing to come by. I still struggle with it and probably will one way or another for the rest of my days. But one of the few benefits of getting older is learning to shed things that don't really matter all that much. I hope that your journey continues with great success.

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