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Where MyGoddess Stands On Sex Workers

You are talking to a woman who has no shame. Sex feels good and some people do need it, more than you might think. So where do I stand on prostitution. I stand with it and with every woman or man who has decided to have sex be their business. Even though I do not have sex for a living I have been in the sex industry my entire adult life. When adults are allowed to have a happy and healthy sex life than they are better off in general. This should not be a difficult concept to wrap your wits around. If someone decides to pay someone to have sex with them who is to say that cannot be a positive and healthy. I suppose for the sake of a good argument you could try and say, what about human trafficking or what about people being forced into it against their will? My answer is that is lumping 2 separate things into one and trying to say the they are the same.

What is pretty obvious to everyone of us who has been in the sex industry for the most part is that our government doesn't seem to care one little bit about our well being so why do they say that we are all victims yet when they have conducted stings the put the sex workers in jail. Excuse me but how the hell are you going to tell me that I am a victim and then put me in jail? and isn't that kind of taking my choice away from me and speaking for me as if you are me. SHE'S A VICTIM, THIS YOUNG LADY IS DOING THIS AGANST HER WILL!" Umm, no no I am.

NO I AM THE MAN HERE AND I SAY YOU ARE A VICTIM!! Yea but I don't feel like I am being victimized by anyone other than you!!

I am pretty sure no matter what side of this coin you are on that one this should be completely obvious. The presence of a massive double standard. And I pose that if you educate yourself on the subject and quite frankly if you care enough to open your mouth on it then you should care enough to at least do a little homework. If you do then you might be able to see that this issue runs deep because it is in those deeply rooted

old way of thinking and think about it in a realistic way. Ask yourself who has the right to tell you that you cannot pay a professional for sex just the same way you would go and pay a doctor to write you a script to make help your physical body heal. Why is the sexual body any different.

Now I am going to talk about the men in charge of this Contry and their issues with woman in power. Back in the days of the Wild West woman ran brothels and they ran things in town because they

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