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Hello Friends

I am so happy you have found me in this crazy internet land

My name is Melissa,

but I also go by



If you are familiar with the boards, then you might have seen my ads

Here are the things I would like you to know before you book your time with me.


I expect you to treat me with respect

Treat me like a Goddess and you will receive my blessings in return.


What that means to me, is not trying to low ball me

Treat me with kindness and respect

I will return the same to you.

I put my heart and soul into every aspect

of what I do and what I give.


What I do I call my Goddess work.

This is good and important work

Because I am addressing and healing the body and Acknowledging your sexuality rather than ignoring it all together like our churches I mean government would have me do my roll in our society is just as important as a doctors work or a teachers work

What I provide is an experience of Sensual Healing Touch.

It is erotic, sensual and satisfying.

This experience will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

My art is also very intimate and can give healing to some who have been missing Sensual closeness.

This experience I consider a body worship session. That is to say that I worship your body in a very sensual way.

The session will last for 1.5 hours.


Who Do I Welcome?

I have designed this experience for anyone who Enjoys being touched in a sensual and sexual way. This experience is for people who enjoy receiving pleasure.

I warmly welcome people of any age (over 18),race or gender.



The Temple Space and the way It Is designed, is Important to This Experience.

The space itself is unlike anything you have ever experienced and it gets better by the day. I am always coming up with new ways of improving this experience.

I am very proud of the temple space because it has the ability to transform you and your mindset.

to prepare your senses for the receiving of this magic.

I am skilled at the art of sensuality and touch.

my sessions are extremely intimate.

Furthermore, my intimacy is real and genuine.

The body is so beautiful to me in

all shapes and sizes, young and old.


Please do not be discouraged if you are older or not in the best shape or if you have issues getting physically aroused.

You are all beautiful to me

and all will be treated with the utmost care and respect while you are here in my temple.



How Much Does Your session Cost?

The Fee Is....400 per 90 minutes of my time. And for anyone who

Thinks that is a lot to ask, clearly you have not been in yet for a visit because those that have think my price is a great value. If you still aren't believing me

I encourage you to visit my reviews page on TNABOARD.COM just search for

my handle MyGoddess.

Still On the Topic of Money

Please leave the Money on the plate in the waiting area

I don't want to deal with money before or during my sessions.


HOW TO MAKE your first Appointment:


Text ME.. TEXT.. TEXT ME..


I rarely use my websites messaging app



Please don't text and say something like Hey

because I WON'T responD

if it takes me an hour or even sometimes a day to respond, please be understanding of that I will get back to you, I promise.

And your message is very important to me .

I have a difficult tie managing all the messages I receive everyday

And I am looking to hire someone to help me with this. But until I am able to find someone please bare with me

And if you end up waiting too long I will likely discount

your first appointment with me

When You Have been in once you will realize that I am the very top tier FBSM Provider 



My Door Person

Or should I say my Door wizard?

He has a gentle Gandalf Lord of The Rings sort of vibe/look but do

not cross him because he may have special wizard powers I am sure you

don't want to find out, LOL!

Anyway, his name is Brian and he will be answering the door

and getting you checked in and a glass of wine or tea whichever you prefer if any.

And Please

be nice to him he has worked for me for years and he is a very kind soul.

Once you are seated he will

magically disappear and that will be the last you will see him until you come back.


tipping him makes me want to be especially Attentive to you

and is a great way to make a first impression

Be prepared to remove your shoes


place your donation on the plate.


Don't be nervous about not knowing what to do.

Brian will show you what to do and where to go if it is your first time.


Cleanliness is next to Goddessness!


There will be a

shower available to you.

as well as all toiletries such as, tooth brush, toothpaste, shaving items and body wash.

You will be asked to shower before we meet.

I most likely will be bathing you during the session, but the bathing I do is not to get you physically clean.

I really like water and it is a big part of this ritual.


Once you have showered you will be waiting

in a little waiting area just outside of my temple space.

Please be patient you will be waiting up to 10 min.

But I promise you that

the wait will be forgotten

out as soon as you join me and realize what you

where waiting for.

As I have said before

My service is the best in the business and I without a single doubt

I provide the most highly rated and original experience

you will find Anywhere.

All you have to do once you arrive and are seated is kick back

relax and allow yourself to be in my care.

Nerves will fly away soon after we meet.


During Our Session

there are Boundaries that I expect you to be aware of.

This does not mean you cannot touch me it just means that you should be respectful when you do so I

encourage you to pay attention to my physical cues as They should be fairly obvious.

I don't like to have to say too much during our time

There is a rhythm going on during the session and I find that me having to say things that aren't sexy can disrupt that rhythm. If you notice me pulling away or preventing you from doing something then that is my cue telling you stop trying.

If you are confused about any of this please ask I don't mind answering your questions at all.


New Deposit Policy For New Clients Only


I have decided that instead of having a complicated cancellation policy I will instead implement a deposit policy.

I get many people who make appointments and do not show up to them and this can be very frustrating for me because it takes me at least an hour to set up for your appointment and since I hire somebody to do that it means that I have to pay somebody, even when a would be client does not show up.

So all new clients must pay 100 dollar deposit prior to your appointment unless you are making your appointment last min.

The 100 dollars will apply to the rest of the fee when you make it in for your appointment.

if you do not show up I keep the hundred dollars but if you need to reschedule I will gladly reschedule you for another day or time. Believe me, I'm not here just to take your money I have no interest in stealing from anybody. I am simply trying to protect my time. for all of those who have an issue with I 'am sorry but I will not change my policy because you have had bad experiences with other providers. I will work with you to the best of my ability.


I do Not Provide Sex For Money

Please Do Not Ask This is a (tantra like) experience and is for


over 18 only






Further I will not tolerate any abusive behavior.My job is too mimic a goddess on earth.

My roll is theatrical, and spiritual

thank you for reading



My Goddess.

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