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ShortHand Summary

I warmly welcome you to read the details below
for a shorthand description
of this experience

Please Note

This summary is only for those who have been in before looking to refresh their memory

1) Be Respectful At All Times

2) Must be over 18 

3) I am female 

4) I warmly 
welcome all genders and personally enjoy welcoming my female and trans  patrons

5) Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable 

6) No lowballing or haggling whatsoever

$400  Four Hundred dollars

8) This Experience will last for approximately 90 min

9) Do not be early

10) Before entering my temple your body should be so clean I could er off of any part of you

you will be provided a shower with everything you need 

11)Do not cancel same day appointments because if you do you will not be allowed to make another appointment

12) I have a door man who will answer the door and show you around
no he is not my pimp  
he works for me
he resembles merlin the sorcerer  
Note (Tipping him makes me want to be extra sweet to you)

13) I prefer texting

14) I do not sell sex for money

15) I am not participating in sex trafficking or abuse of any kind


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